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Advertising Coming to LA City Parks?


Zoning Code Makeover

LA is undertaking the most significant revisions to its zoning code since 1946. About a dozen different ordinances are on the table, with the potential to dramatically affect our neighborhoods and tens of thousands of buildings over time.... READ MORE »

City of Broken Sidewalks

LA faces significant deferred sidewalk infrastructure repairs, including street tree maintenance. What’s the city’s plan to address the problem and mounting liability across our neighborhoods? READ MORE »

LA River Revitalization

The LA River runs 51 miles from the mountains to the sea, including 32 miles in LA City. We envision a revitalized river with recreational access, a sustainable watershed, natural habitat and enlightened economic development. READ MORE »

New Stadium Downtown?

We all want NFL football back in Los Angeles, but at what cost? Here are some of the issues confronting the city as it considers a professional football stadium downtown. READ MORE »